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Sonia Mackwani

Multiple award-winner Sonia Mackwani is a Psychic Healer and an Intuitive Channel. She has Masters in Clinical Psychology and Hypnotherapy. She is an Author and writes for children and adults; both fiction and non-fiction. Sonia is an Independent Filmmaker, Scriptwriter and an aspiring Songwriter and an Actor.


At the young age of 21, she founded a non- profit organization called Touching Lives focusing on ‘learning’ and ‘healing’ of the children and communities in Mumbai, India. Her foundational value -'It is completely our need to serve than saying, we serve the needy.’


She has developed a Self-Work* Approach and coaches individuals and organizations on holistic living. She works  extensively with diverse people globally through meditations, healing, workshops and one on one sessions. 

A percentage of royalty from her works goes towards Touching Lives.

She lives between India and Switzerland.​