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Sonia Mackwani

Multiple award-winner Sonia Mackwani is a Psychic Healer and an Intuitive Channel. She has Masters in Clinical Psychology and Hypnotherapy. She is an Author and writes for children and adults; both fiction and non-fiction. Sonia is an Independent Filmmaker, Scriptwriter and an aspiring Songwriter and an Actor.


At the young age of 21, she founded a non- profit organization called Touching Lives focusing on ‘learning’ and ‘healing’ of the children and communities in Mumbai, India. Her foundational value -'It is completely our need to serve than saying, we serve the needy.’


She has developed a Self-Work* Approach and coaches individuals and organizations on holistic living. She works  extensively with diverse people globally through meditations, healing, workshops and one on one sessions. 

A percentage of royalty from her works goes towards Touching Lives.

She lives between India and Switzerland.​




Scriptwriter | Director | Producer


Sonia’s journey with filmmaking conceptualized in 2002, when she was founding Touching Lives. Even as a young mind, she began to ask existential questions of how her work can continue after she ascends from this planet, how it can still touch lives – the voice within directed towards the art of storytelling through books and films.


As a child, she was always fascinated with animation and immortality. Thus, the seed was laid then and she eventually had begun to write for short films and later directed, produced and scripted for her own organization. Later, when she finally had a strong foundation of Touching Lives built and a team to run the work, she decided to dive into Filmmaking and to formed Touching Lives Films.


In 2013, Sonia began to consult as a Story coach as well as Scriptwriting Consultant and reader. In 2014, she assisted a renowned Brazilian Filmmaker Marcos Negrao as an Assistant Film Director and Producer for Indian Film. In 2018, she completed her Summer School with Prague Film School and directed her short  - SPACE which won several awards and accolades and went on to release in Micheal Moore 

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Let's Educate

I am Inspired

Conscious Community Change

When I meet  God


Feature length Documentary - In Production


Psychic Healer | Clinical Psychologist | Hypnotherapy | BirthWork Facilitator | Meditation Coach| Grand Reiki Master | Self-Work* Approach Pioneer | Master Reconnection Channel and Initiator | Inner Artist Facilitator | Family Constellation Facilitator | Yoga Instructor | Writing Therapist


Sonia is known for her intuitive abilities. Her out-of-body and near death experiences in childhood made her realize that there is more to the physical reality. There is a meta-physical world which is invisible, yet present and felt. Exposed to meditation and inner work practices since her childhood, she always had a voice inside her that gave her insight that this is her last life. That this life is a return gift to her from the universe and thus, she decided to do her self-work continuously so that she can merge with the raw energy. She always defines her life is ‘akarmic.’ She is also writing an autobiography with the same name.


She supports her client’s not just as a client but as a fellow soul traveler on this earth and empowers them with tools and practices that they can independently do their self-work. She uses eclectic, pluralistic psychotherapy and alternative healing methods and her approach is very much client-centered and holistic. Her sessions are intuitive and creative that allows the client to be able to receive healing and cognitive support with life-long impact. Her methods are deep, intense, intuitive, leading to transformation in birth and ancestral imprints. Sonia conducts multifarious workshops and initiation processes. She conducts workshops globally for individuals, group, organizations, corporates etc.


Founder | Director


Touching Lives founded in 2003 and registered in 2006 began with the foundational value – ‘It is our need to serve than saying, we serve the needy.’ It was started as a spiritual quest and a soul journey. It focuses on two main aspects of life – learning and healing. It works with children in the communities in Mumbai. Everything that Sonia does – her books, her films, performances, workshops, her aim is to become the energy of love and support more and more children and humanity in general.


The organization is organic and process oriented and is deeply founded on the concept of Self-Work*, Seva (Service) and Sadhana (Practice). The organization is in the process of getting founded in Switzerland as well.


Currently, Sonia is raising funds for 300 children for the year 2022-23. The per child cost is $250 for the entire year. You are welcome to sponsor a child and contribute to help continue the mission.


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