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365 Days of a Sufi

  • Meru, an orphaned zari weaver from a small town, meets her childhood friend Zaitoon, after a decade. They spend days together at Zaitoon's new home, inherited from her Sufi grandfather – Ibne-Al- Rashid. Then serendipity strikes. They stumble upon his mystical journal that astoundingly changes the course of both their lives.


    365 Days of a Sufi, the journal, is a compilation of Rashid's life adventures and the sacred revelations that came to him in his final days. He writes intensely about his encounters with two Sufi dervishes; one serving a Sufi apprenticeship, the other yearning to set out on a quest to find his purpose. Their connection, their sacred friendship and their love for the search, transforms Rashid’s whole relationship with himself.


    The Sufi’s enlightening journal leads the two young girls, poised on the threshold of womanhood and life, to reflect on the meaning and mystery of human existence, relationships and the law of reciprocity. They are inspired to explore the magical alchemy of more love, more freedom and more dreams. And to thereby find their own paths.

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