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The Rocket Science Called Love

  • The Rocket Science Called Love is a tale of endless encounters of love and dreams, inspired by enigmatic true stories. Meet Nayantara, a mysterious lover. Leaving behind her city and her sacred Beloved, she journeys to the middle of nowhere to root her only dream and show up as a renowned psychotherapist; her unconventional methods spreading all around the world. The power that led her to take this step was ‘Love’ itself and her Beloved.

    But what if the only power you have within exits? What if the only dream you live, you’ve got to put to sleep?

    Daunted by her fears of being the worst example of the best therapist, Nayantara puts an end to her dream for the sake of love, and heads home – only to die.

    In between love and loss, Nayantara lives this period of ‘warrior-hood’ – that which all of us live at least once in our life-time. A warrior isn’t just a survivor of life, but a survivor of love. Immersed in the deep ancient wisdom and the 12 Inner Assignments of Love, with this debut novel by Sonia Mackwani, you will be rocketed into your own mystical shamanic journeys, preparing you to heal your own inner wounds and to love more humanely. If love cannot be the destiny, it certainly can show us one.

    Love; both the substance & the remedy! 

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