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Private session

Nature of session

The sessions are gentle in nature, holds a safe space and a therapeutic voyage towards your healing. Sonia works intuitively with client as a center and uses eclectic therapy processes and alternative healing methods to help the client towards recovering and discovering aspects of self and life at large. She works with 14 plus age group. The number of follow-ups is determined by first or second session. Sonia’s aim is to provide therapeutic interventions effectively and the intention is to achieve a goal in as less sessions as possible. Her sessions also empowers the clients with tools and practices for their own Self-Work* and to work independently. She offers consulting support to those who want to undergo a therapy period and needs an understanding of the nature of therapeutic work. However this is offered only in specific cases where the care-giver is a parent/guardian or clients that fall towards psychosis spectrum. Consultations: 15-20 minutes Cost Rs- 1000 (USD/EUR/GBP 40) Therapy sessions: 60 – 90 minutes Cost – First Session/ Follow up sessions Rs. 2400/ Rs. 2200 USD 150/ USD 100 EUR 130/ EUR 88 GBP 100/ GBP 65 Please drop an email to with a Subject –Therapy Session in order to schedule the date and time for the session.

Contact Details

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