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Group Therapy

Nature of session

Sonia facilitates focus groups, based on specific topics or subjects that lead to empowerment and healing. In the process, building a strong community and safe space to grow and nurture oneself and others. Her fascination and belief that one learns and unlearns together with and through each other, motivates the nature of the group dynamics. The group therapy also extends support through course work and practice tools in between sessions that leads to achieving the goals therapeutically. Group Therapy – 4 Sessions 60 – 90 minutes each Cost – Rs. 7500/- USD 160 EUR 150 GBP 150 Group Therapy – 6 Sessions 60 – 90 minutes each Cost - Rs. 10,800/- USD 280 EUR 265 GBP 250 Group Therapy – One Day / Hour Based The cost of the one day or hourly group therapy workshops is determined by the subject, nature and the therapeutic focus of the sessions. Course Materials Cost is determined on the basis if there is requirement for any session. Please keep a check on the page for the upcoming dates and focus area.

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